The Om Room Fund Raiser List Of Alternative/Complementary Practitioners:  Thankyou so very much too you all, for making this community event become reality.

  •        Lymphatic Specialist - Desiree De Spong
  • Switched On Exercise - Christie Yule
  •                                    Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Life Coach - Justine Laidlaw
  •                  Breath Body Awareness and Mohala Floor Bodyworker - Sharon Thackham
  •                                   Counsellor - Steve Gore
  •                     Physiotherapist - Sally Bosselmann
  •                     Vibro Acoustic Sound Therapy - Marion Titmuss
  • Oncology Massage - Amanda Janes & Michelle Stewart
  • Naturopath, Medical Herbalist & Nutritionist - Serina Gardner
  • Yoga - Chatelle Jeram
  • Breath Therapy - Jenny Mills
  • BodyTalk - Janine Stokes
  • Life Coach - Jenny Kennedy
  • Osteopath - Matthew Carratu
  • Nutritionist - Rachael van der Gugten
  • Reflexology - Parris Whitten
  • Chair Massage - Angela Brennan
  • Indian Head Massage - Toni O'Daly

Over 30 Health Practitioners will be joining us at the "Breath Of Fresh Air" Gala Dinner.. This is the first time any thing like this has happened in the Bay of Plenty.

Remember between the hours of 4pm - 6pm it is a gold coin donation to the mini health expo.

The Gala Dinner will commence at 6pm - 10.30pm. Full List & Menu Click Here

Guest Speaker List & Profile. Thankyou very much to the guest speakers who have given there time and support for this evening.

Master of Ceremonies - Tavake Afeaki

Husband, Father, Barrister, Author, Cultural intelligence expert, Traveller, Martial artist, Singer.

Tavake Afeaki has succeeded where many have tried and failed.. Hardworking family man with successful law practices in Tonga and New Zealand, Author of Inspirational Law/Business/ Entrepreneurial  books; An oracal of knowledge in past History of Aotearoa & Tonga,  international consultant in these fields.

Legal Representative , Advocate and Future Planner for Maori and the Tongan people. An Inspiration to Thousands.

Thankyou Tevake for giving your precious time away from your family and your beautiful energy to this Fund Raiser.. nui toku aroha ki a koe e toku hoa

Guest Speaker - Desiree De Spong

Desiree De Spong was born and raised in Dunedin, New Zealand and is in her second decade of working in complementary medicine and education. Initially trained in Zen Shiatsu, Desiree was introduced to Chapman Reflexes (an osteopathic view on lymphatics) while studying Ortho-Bionomy, this course lead her to a great interest in the lymphatic system.  After investing in the instrument the Lymphstar Pro®, she began a quest for knowledge that would take her around the world.  After travelling to the United States to train with Allen Mills at the Centre for Lymphatic Health, Santa Barbara, Desiree began to develop her proficiency in Lymphatic Decongestive Therapy.  Desiree returned to the US to study with Cory Carter from Alt Med Services, South Dakota.  She has also trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage with Jill Griffiths from the Weller Institute in Australia and she is currently the only New Zealander who is American trained in this specialised modality.

Guest Speaker - Gayel Collinson

gayel Began working as a Naturopath and Kinesiologist in Tauranga in 1979, after
studying the alternative- Natural medicine to help her husband when he refused to take
pharmaceutical medication after suffering a heart attack at the age of 34! Over the next 25years
she studied Naturopathy and Osteopathy, which became her career for 30years. She continued
studies of Hypnosis and Astrology as well. Believing that the rules of health need to be simple
so that everyone could understand them and fit them into their busy lives, she wrote
newsletters which were brief and contained good reasons to make positive changes for
improved health. These have since been combined to create ‘Health in a Minute’.

Guest Speaker - Justine Laidlaw 

Colon Cancer survivor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & Cancer Coach
based in Tauranga. Justine loves life, makes the most of opportunities and is certainly not afraid
of change. Justine chose to have surgery for her stage 3 aggressive tumour but declined her
oncologists advise to have Chemotherapy and Radiation. Come and learn about Justine’s
journey from sickness to wellness and learn about the 9 key principles she used towards her
healing and the powers of oxygen through Ozone Therapy”

The Om Room Fund Raiser List of Companies & Individuals Who Donated Products/Services/Accommodation: Thankyou very much to you all, for your generous support to your community.

  • Juz Catering
  • Rodney Wayne Bethlehem
  • Gayel Collinson
  • Total Rehab Physiotherapy
  • Fresh Beauty
  • Udderly Pure
  • Tanangel
  • Fresh Choice Omokoroa
  • Peet Jewellers
  • Takara Japanese Restaurant

  • Hands to Heal Massage Therapy
  • Decor Garden World
  • Champers Hampers
  • College of Natural Health/Homeopathy
  • Langtons
  • Sandy Dinzdale
  • Clever Kids
  • Digi Print - Tauranga